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Windows 10 can't connect to Samba files Hi there, I have a windows 10 pc connecting to a linux file server. My windows 10 is professional, whose version is 1803. For example, Windows 7 and later already require modifications on the client side and Windows 10 additional on the PDC to operate in an NT4 domain. i'm having intermittent issues with windows 10 clients (dont have win7/xp) on the network. Samba shares TO Windows 10 now working OK (finally !!!!!) andrew. I update CentOS’s samba to 4.8.3-6. in Network and Sharing Hi there after trying all of the zillion suggestions on the Forum about getting an INBOUND connection from SAMBA (NAS Server) to access W10 shares (the OTHER way around from W10 TO the NAS wasn't a problem) it's finally working. > > Hi... > I'm used to configure samba 3, and now I'm getting some problems using > samba 4. None of above answers worked for me but when I disabled jumbo packet on Windows 10, everything started to work with default settings on clean Windows 10 installation, very simple. On attempt to connect, I'm prompted to enter my credentials, but it always fails with "Username and password incorrect". I have Samba 4.2.10 on CentOS 7.2. At 2019-09-12 17:45:10, “anax” wrote: The following documentation is a minimal quick start guide to set up Samba as an NT4 PDC. Hello, I have a server running Debian that has a Samba share configured. The server is running on a CentOS 7 distro with samba-4.1.12-23.el7_1.x86_64. > -----Oorspronkelijk bericht----- > Van: samba [mailto:[hidden email]] Namens Rodrigo Yoshioka > Verzonden: dinsdag 19 januari 2016 0:24 > Aan: [hidden email] > Onderwerp: [Samba] Samba 4 and Windows 10 Problem. In this article, I will cover how you can access Samba shares from both Linux and Windows clients. I enabled SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support in windows 10, then my Raspberry Pi showed up in Network like it did for my laptop. samba 4.5.0 strange windows 10 issue | incorrect password. I still can’t access samba. In my previous article, Interoperability: Getting started with Samba, I covered installing and configuring Samba shares on a Linux server.The real power of Samba comes when Windows clients can communicate with Linux file servers. This documentation describes how to set up Samba as the first DC to build a new AD forest. For details, see Required Settings for Samba NT4 Domains. If you are installing Samba in a production environment, it is recommended to run two or more DCs for failover reasons. I am able to connect and access the files on my laptop with Windows 8 and on my desktop with linux mint. I have setup a samba share on my Raspberry Pi3, but am unable to connect to it through Windows 10. Re: Windows 10 and Samba 4 and max protocol « Reply #6 on: October 19, 2017, 10:00:01 PM » I have a couple questions on expectations when in the future scenario one is upgrading from v9.2 to v10 (or backup 9.2 and restore to v10). Do I need update my windows 10 to 1903? Starting from version 4.0, Samba is able to run as an Active Directory (AD) domain controller (DC). My Windows 10 build is 10240. … Hope it will help someone else. ... Are any of the other PC's Windows 10 or is it just the one that refuses to connect. When I try to connect to that share from my Windows 10 PC by entering "\\\share_name" where "" is the IP address of the Debian server and "share_name" is the name of the share, I am prompted for my credentials with a red message at the bottom of the prompt saying "Access is denied." Hello everyone, I'm having this very annoying issue with samba shares.

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